Maintaining operational reliability and value

It's great when a garbage, waste, biomass or sewage sludge incineration plant is running just right. Our maintenance services ensure that everything keeps on going, fending off fault situations and helping your plant retain its value. And should garbage or waste pile up, we are right there at your side with our mobile waste wrapping – an innovative development by I.C.E. AG.

Value retention, overhaul and spare parts

Are you in the clear about how to retain your incineration plant's value over the long term? Our value retention planning delivers concrete answers about lasting protection of your investment. Or would you like to unburden yourself of the efforts and uncertainties surrounding plant overhaul? We will be happy to shoulder the load for you – medium- and long-term planning, the overhaul itself, recommissioning and operator training – so that in the meantime you can focus on essentials.

Waste bale wrapping to cope with plant bottlenecks

What to do about the mountains of garbage/waste that start piling up during plant downtimes? Waste bale wrapping with I.C.E. AG is the smart solution. Our mobile wrapping machines can operate anywhere, bundling garbage/waste into bales for tidy interim storage. When the bottleneck is over, simply feed the bales into the incinerator. Buy or rent one of our waste bale wrapping machines – it's your choice.

Planning phase
  • Short-, medium- and long-term overhaul planning
  • Value retention planning
  • Spare parts planning
  • Requests for quotations and orders
Execution phase
  • Overhaul management and coordination
  • Overhaul work
  • Provision of personnel
  • Spare parts procurement and fitting
  • Plant component exchanges
  • Waste bale wrapping
Operational phase
  • Analysis of plant status
  • Surveys, expert opinions
  • Acceptance
  • Re-commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Documentation checks and updates

Let’s talk about it

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