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With highly efficient systems developed in-house and with components from other manufacturers, we deliver the right building blocks for efficient and reliable operations. Our decades of experience in the field of high-temperature incineration and strict quality criteria in the selection process guarantee you the ultimate in dependability and long service life.

Flexi Long Life grate block

Reduce the cost of maintaining your grates by more than 30% with the Flexi Long Life grate block high-temperature protection system. Developed by us together with Bachmann Feuerungstechnik, this modular system is compatible with any existing grate firing plant with reciprocating or reverse-acting grates. Featuring time-saving parts replacement, a long service life and air vents in the grate area for improved incineration, it ensures long-term and cost-efficient protection.

Flexi Long Life Grate Block System

Flexi Long Life feed shaft

Easily installed and deinstalled, featuring an extra long service life and the quick replacement of wear parts, our wear protection system Flexi Long Life extends the service life of feed shafts with minimal plant downtime. Our decades of experience with high-temperature incineration gives this in-house development its outstanding characteristics.

Flexi Long Life slag quench tank

Our robust, well-tried and tested Flexi Long Life system for slag quench tanks extends the service life of all types of slag chutes, slag quench tanks and slag dischargers. With its simple installation and deinstallation, quick replacement of parts and long service life, it offers the ideal conditions for efficient long-term operation.

Customized systems and technology

Many plants are in operation for decades and the original suppliers do not have the same products in their delivery program anymore or have given up their operations completely. Other suppliers cannot solve their plant specific problems or do not want to offer customized solutions. With our longterm experience we will find the ideal replacement solution for you in the market or we will construct and deliver a measure made product. We already have successfully constructed and commenced operation for push floors and waste hoppers, garbage chutes, grate coverings, grate substructures, deslaggers, optimized nozzles for example for wet washers, complete washer columns or heat exchangers.

Systems from other manufacturers

High quality systems and components from selected third-party suppliers complete the range of Flexi Long Life systems developed by us in-house. Through strict quality inspections, we ensure that systems from third-party suppliers rise to the toughest challenges presented in daily operations. So you can be sure that every aspect of the system will stand the test of time, including in the long term.

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