Optimally designed processes and procedures

Everything at a waste/garbage and biomass incineration plant ultimately comes down to the incineration process and the method used for scrubbing flue gases. Benefit from our expertise and decades of experience in this area. Minimize the consumption of consumables and the amount of pollutants generated, increase availability, boiler running hours and throughput, and maximize your incineration plant's efficiency. The rewards: lower operating costs, higher operating income and increased energy yield.

More yield, fewer pollutants

Just how stressed and fouled an incineration plant is depends crucially on how incineration processes are designed and controlled. We can significantly improve the processes based on our expert knowledge and efficient procedures. Water injection systems, for example, can modify the incineration process in a way that markedly reduces fouling of the combustion chamber. That in turn prolongs boiler running hours and increases fuel throughput.

All parts fit the whole

The combustion process is what matters most when it comes to selecting, dimensioning and engineering individual components. Our analyses, supervision and specialist know-how ensure the best possible fit among the components of your incineration plant. We will also thoroughly examine your style and mode of plant operation, study individual problems, and generate recommendations and measures.

Holistic view of energy flows

The better your grasp of energy processes in an incineration plant, the more efficiently you can operate it. We record and analyze energy and mass flows under various operating conditions and turn those measurements into energy and mass balances relevant to specific operating states as well as for the year as a whole. That gives you a dependable body of data for assessing your incineration plant's performance and considering possible optimizations.

Our services at a glance
Analysis of current operating conditions, with data logging and evaluation
Balances for individual systems, plant areas, and the plant as a whole
Recalculation and dimensioning for incineration, combustion chamber, boiler, flue gas cleaning, thermal cycles
Formulation of solution proposals
Implementation planning (developing a complete package of measures)
Execution of solution measures
Execution supervision
Procedure optimization
Process optimization
Plant optimization
Documentation updates
Analysis of operation and plant status
Procedural and process analysis
Performance and warranty verification
Optimization of operating modes

Let’s talk about it

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