Flexible approaches to teamwork

When working with us, you have extensive free choice on the role you would like us to play – as a consulting and engineering company, contractor or general contractor. So you are always able to assimilate our services into your project in exactly the way you require. And when it’s a case of client representation and support or provision of staff, we are the right people for the job.

Impartial, top quality expertise

Make use of our complex understanding of incineration processes and our comprehensive project experience to form an independent, impartial and expert opinion. As consulting planners and engineers, we make a valuable and professional contribution to the realistic evaluation of projects, systems and input from other providers.

Entire projects from one source

As a contractor or general contractor, we can carry out entire projects according to your specifications. From replacing individual systems and modernizing plant sections to regenerating entire lines, we make things easier for you with profitable, integrated and comprehensive solutions.

Our own systems or third-party suppliers

You also enjoy full flexibility with us when replacing systems or components. We offer both our Flexi Long Life in-house developments and quality-tested systems from other suppliers.

Our services at a glance
Impartial consultants
and experts
planners and engineers
Contractor to
general contractor

Let’s talk about it

Your contact person: Herbert Gemperle, Dipl. Ing. FH, NDU KMU HSG


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