Swiss company

As an independent Swiss company, we guarantee you impartial consultation and the flawless quality of our services and solutions.

Unparalleled know-how

Incineration processes are, as it were, in our blood. We are sure you will not find such high quality and advanced professional expertise anywhere else.

Outstanding quality

We constantly strive to optimize the quality of our services for your benefit and ours. Our ISO certification bears witness to this.

Swiss precision

The Swiss are known for our accuracy, precision and work ethic. Our solutions, impressive in their quality, innovation and reliability, bear clear testament to this.

Experienced experts

Someone who has worked so long and so intensively on as many incineration plants as we have will often know immediately what the issues are and where opportunities and problems lie.

ISO quality

The ISO 9001-2008 certificate for the quality management of our services guarantees you impeccable service quality and professional results.

Zertifikat ISO9001 | ISO45001 (german)

Certificate ISO9001 | ISO45001 (english)

Innovative Swiss engineering

I.C.E. AG is an independent Swiss engineering firm in environmental technology; we work primarily with waste-to-energy, district heating, biomass and refuse and sewage sludge incineration plants, and offer consultancy, modernization and value maintenance services.

Highly motivated team of specialists

Teams with highly skilled specialists in various fields work at I.C.E. All are committed to applying their cumulative, collective expertise for the benefit of our clients. The results are customized solutions of the utmost quality, impressive in their caliber and functionality.

Active and experienced in many areas

As an engineering firm in environmental technology, I.C.E. has been active in Switzerland, Central Europe and Bermuda since 1993 in the fields of thermal waste disposal, energy management and plant construction. We count among our satisfied clients refuse incineration plants, waste-to-energy plants, sewage sludge and biomass incineration plants and district heating centers.

Certified service quality

I.C.E. AG was awarded the ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate in 2013 for the quality of its services in the areas of thermal waste disposal, energy production, district heating and related plant construction.

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